02-08 Mini Cooper R56 Trailing Arm Rear Shock Adapters CNC Machined Stainless NEW


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When you’re ready to ditch the heavy Gen 1 trailing arms for the aluminum Gen 2 style, these shock adapters are what you need to do the install correctly. When installing R56 style trailing arms into the R50/R52/R53, you will notice that the mounting point for the rear shock is slightly recessed into the arm. Normally not a problem as the R56 rear shock is designed to accommodate for this by having a small extension on the lower bushing that fits into the recess. To install the R53 shocks onto the R56 arms, you’ll need an adapter to provide a flush mounting point for your shocks, and that’s where these adapters come in.

Custom designed, these CNC machined stainless steel adapters are the perfect bolt-on solution to complete your R56 trailing arm swap.

Sold as a pair! If you need one pair for your swap, order a quantity of one.

Need the trailing arm kit? We’ve got you covered.


2002-2006 Mini Cooper Hatchback and S (R50, R53)

2005-2008 Mini Cooper Convertible and S (R52)

Only for these vehicles with R56/Gen2 rear trailing arms installed!


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